Inspiration – burnt orange and gold


For years i have torn pages out of magazines, collected swatches of antique fabrics, saved bits of yarn in color combinations for projects and hoarded all kinds of other stuff.  The problem has always been that they have been tucked away in boxes.  When i moved to my apartment and envisioned the studio space upstairs I immediately knew what i needed:  an entire wall of pinup board!   At the moment everything is arranged by color and today I am particularly enamored with the orange/gold section.  Here are a couple of shots to give you an idea.

2013-05-14 05.28.45-1

2013-04-25 14.36.43

Confession:  I bought this crazy orange begonia purely because I wanted to put it next to my orange board (lame).

This is a photo I stumbled upon and I love everything about it – the fabrics, the bracelets and  the color combinations.  The hit of purple is an amazing contrast with the orange.

Need I say more?!

One thought on “Inspiration – burnt orange and gold

  1. i love you ali, and i love this blog. also nearly bought those orange begonias yesterday! unfortunately, i did not have your fabulous pin board to go with them. missing you and your every day inspiration. so very seriously. ~ kq

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