purple – not just for 8 year old girls…

It’s taken me 41 years to fall in love with purple.  Well, i’m sure i had a phase around 7 or 8 along with rainbows and unicorns (I definitely had a purple trapper keeper!) but every girl goes through that. Until now i’ve avoided purple at all costs – it’s Barney’s fault.  Anyway, I’ve worked through it and now i’m seeing it in a whole new light.  Flowers, food, textiles, fashion…..  no unicorns included.


Khadi napkins my good buddy colleen brought me from india…


beautiful coral from bob’s house. not sure if it is the natural color or not but who cares?!


purple ikat coat from uzbekistan. this lives in my studio and i always wish i was small enough to wear it!


the almighty solange in purple for complex. not just anyone can rock a pair of purple leather hot pants.


ikat fabric i am developing for the new ST Home collection.


a family of orchids at the san francisco flower market.


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