Inspiration – pink!

Okay.  I’ve never been much of a pink person but today when I was at an event in the D&D Building I saw these peonies and about fell over.   Seriously.  These are ridonculous!   It made me want to post some other outrageous pinks.  I’ve neglected you pink.   I’m sorry.



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unable to find photo credit :(  found on pinterest.

unable to find photo credit 😦
found on pinterest

2013-01-18 19.05.23

flowers from the wonderful team at tucker and marks.


Inspiration – burnt orange and gold


For years i have torn pages out of magazines, collected swatches of antique fabrics, saved bits of yarn in color combinations for projects and hoarded all kinds of other stuff.  The problem has always been that they have been tucked away in boxes.  When i moved to my apartment and envisioned the studio space upstairs I immediately knew what i needed:  an entire wall of pinup board!   At the moment everything is arranged by color and today I am particularly enamored with the orange/gold section.  Here are a couple of shots to give you an idea.

2013-05-14 05.28.45-1

2013-04-25 14.36.43

Confession:  I bought this crazy orange begonia purely because I wanted to put it next to my orange board (lame).

This is a photo I stumbled upon and I love everything about it – the fabrics, the bracelets and  the color combinations.  The hit of purple is an amazing contrast with the orange.

Need I say more?!


So at the risk of sounding like a late night host, I am going to start a column called Whadizit?   This is a game my friend and co-worker Vera and I play on a regular basis.  When she started a past job (at a company that shall remain nameless), she eagerly turned on her new computer and discovered a file on her desktop simply titled “what is it?”.  She opened it and sure enough she didn’t know what it was.  That’s how i often feel when i am sifting through the various textiles and  items i have collected during past travels.  So my first installment is this AMAZING indigo, hand embroidered caftan (?).  I honestly (and embarrassingly)  do not remember where i bought it…. morocco perhaps?  I feel that it is African but perhaps one of you know what it is and can share…..

Either way it is the perfect combination of everything i love – indigo – embroidery – and attention to detail.  Enjoy!




The enormous sleeves of this garment hang low and button together in the back.  When turned up the insides of the sleeves reveal this beautiful embroidered detail.


The image below really shows how deeply embedded the indigo is in the fabric.  My hands and fingernails turn blue every time i touch it.  Don’t wash with whites!


African Yoruba Textiles


The great thing about having this blog is that it is forcing me to look around and re-discover all of the amazing things i have collected over the years.  On a trip to London a few years back I was able to purchase a handful of African fabrics from one of my favorite antique stores Guinevere (more on their vegetable dyed linens later!).  My favorites are these Yoruba Indigo Stripweaves from the west.  The colors, textures and scale are all amazing.  Also below are the most beautiful photos by A.James from the early 1900’s.  These photos were taken from and show similar fabrics.  If you are interested in learning more about African Textiles check out this beautiful book by John Gillow.





cherry blossom time

cherry792Okay, so i know that everyone and their brother is snapping pictures of every bud and bloom out there.  It’s been a long winter.  a VERY long winter.   So, what makes me different than everyone else?  nothing.  It’s cherry blossom time at the brooklyn botanical garden and the trees are unbelievable.  In addition to sharing a snap or two of the blossoms themselves, i dug out one of my favorite items – my hand painted vintage cherry blossom kimono that i was lucky enough to purchase on a trip to Japan several years ago.  Usually i don’t pay much attention to it but this time of year, i realize just what a treasure it is. Thank goodness that spring is finally here!