strange house pets?

As you may or may not know I am a textile designer working in home furnishings.  It wasn’t until recently when I began working with the fabulous Suzanne Tucker that I had an “appreciation” for animal patterns in textiles.  I always thought any sort of cheetah or leopard was cheap and sleazy.  In some arenas, I am still right and stand my ground  – in others i’m willing to reconsider.  In fact, i would even say i have found a affinity for animal patterns in terms of textiles.  Of course it has to be good quality, construction and color!   Here are some of my favorite fabrics drawing inspiration from the animal world!babytapir

okay, there is nothing more beautiful than a baby tapir!  their beautiful stripes and spots disappear as they grow up (how sad!) and when I see a picture of one (clearly they are not roaming around here in brooklyn!) I cannot help but think of mud cloth fabrics from Mali.  Below is a shot of one here in my studio and another favorite shot of a vintage chair upholstered in one.


mud cloth


mud cloth chair by Ariele Alasko

armadillo…..  i don’t know if i love them or hate them but either way they are funny little critters.  Rose Tarlow has an amazing cut velvet in her collection called …. “Armadillo” shown below.


Tom Brakefield / Getty Images

Shagreen……   Not as uncommon I know but an absolute favorite.  The texture of the stingray leather traditionally makes beautiful accessories.  Below is a lovely silk fabric I developed with Suzanne Tucker Home inspired by and simply called … “Shagreen”.


Photograph by Nadya Kulagina, My Shot


stingray skin

And for the most exotic of all…….  the soft and loveable kitten belly as shown below.    Actually, i just needed to figure out how to get my new kitten Cash in on the action.


photo by Vera Vandenbosch

His super soft stripes and spots do remind me of these fabulous Pierre Frey pillows…..


Pierre Frey “Coussin Lynx” pillow